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Have a question? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section!  

Need help getting started? Send us a message via the Contact us form 

You can also use the Freephone number to speak to Conor, a member of the AONTAS team, on 1800 303 669 (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday) 

Finding your local Education and Training Board (ETB) 

You can find all the contact details of each ETB in Ireland in this directory: ETB directory 

Further Education & Training Courses 

You can find course details for QQI Levels 1-6 on Further Education Course Hub.  

Citizens Information Centre 

Want to register for an FET training course or need help with funding? Link in with your local citizens information centre. 

To find your local citizens information centre, check out this map. It lists all the centres in Ireland by county: Find a Citizens Information Centre 

Adult Guidance Services

Want to speak to a guidance counsellor or adult education coordinator? The Adult Guidance and Information Service can help you, free of charge. They can help you pick a course, prepare your CV, help you with your application for college, or help you find funding for your course. 

To find your local centres and get their contact details, follow this link: Adult Guidance Services 

Career advice 

Looking for someone to speak to about your career? You can contact the Careers Portal and get free online support training. Find out more here: Careers Portal contact form 

Contacts for improving your reading, writing, and maths 

The National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) have a Freephone. You can contact them to get free advice on improving your reading, writing, and maths. Their contact details are: 1800 20 20 65 

You can also text 'LEARN' to 50050. To find out more, visit their website: NALA  

Applying for university

To apply for course at a university (QQI Levels 7-10)  in Ireland, you need to submit your application through the Central Application Office (CAO). You can find their information here: CAO You can apply as a mature student if you are over the age of 23.  

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